Poor mom with $7 to her name gives up her lottery winnings to cop shot so police track her down

Some people are willing to give more to others, even if they themselves don’t have much to give.

One such woman is a struggling single mother from Kansan City, Missouri who touched so many hearts online when it was revealed that she helped someone in need with all that she could offer, even if she wasn’t having a comfortable life herself. Her generosity completely deserves to be applauded.
Poor mom with $7 to her name gives up her lottery winnings to cop shot so police track her down

Shetara Sims used to be a single mom of two girls.
But in 2012, one of her daughters was killed and this has always been a difficult memory for her.

Just a month ago, Shetara also lost her job which caused her to struggle to pay her bills since then. It’s been a tough life and the single mom is doing everything she can to stay afloat.

A one-dollar bill
A week ago, Shetara went to the grocery store and by a stroke of fate, found a dollar bill on the floor. It might just be a small amount, but she could not help but think that this must be a sign because of the difficult circumstances she was in at the time.

Buying a lottery ticket
She decided to use the dollar bill to buy a lottery ticket, not knowing that she was going to win $100! Shetara’s 12-year old daughter Rakiya was with her when she learned that she’d won.

What the young girl said to her mom was the kindest thing and Shetara knew immediately what she had to do with her winnings.

“Mom, we should give that to the police officer who got shot,” Rakiya said, as shared by a GoFundMe page.

The man Rakiya was referring to was the officer from the Kansas City Missouri Department who got shot in the line of duty on July 2 and is still fighting for his life in the ICU.

Shetara called the police department on July 10 to give her donation, but did not leave her name and number. She shared how she was struggling for the past month and that she won the money in the lottery and wanted to help the police officer and his family.

Donating her winnings was also a form of giving back to the police department.
Her daughter’s death in 2012 left a scar in her heart forever and going through the entire ordeal was painful and hard that she almost wanted to give up. Thankfully, she was able to get through the tough time by the help of the detectives who worked on her daughter’s case, acting as the therapists and counsel she needed.

The KCMD was so moved by the woman’s story and decided to track her down so that they could personally thank the mysterious woman who donated her $100 when she was in fact struggling with her daily expenses, too.

It was a difficult search, but the police department eventually found her.
The wounded officer’s co-workers who were also there in the shooting decided to pay the single mom and her daughter a visit so they could meet and personally thank them for their selfless act.

The KCPD Facebook post was received with a lot of positive responses.
People online were touched by the generosity and selflessness of Shetara and her daughter, Rakiya, and wanted to give back to them. Because of the amount of help that the single mother is receiving, the KCPD decided to create a GoFundMe page for her.

Exceeding expectations
Initially, the goal was to reach $10,000 but it appears that more people are inspired by what Shetara and Rakiya did, so much so that the total fund earned reached $57,000!

Shetara’s story only shows that helping is not reserved for those who have a lot to offer. Whether you give something of big or small value, what truly matters is the sincere intention of lending a hand.

People saw the kindness and selflessness behind her donation, and she absolutely deserves everything that she’s been receiving.

Watch her inspiring story below. We’re so happy to hear that her kindness came back to help her and her daughter.

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