A woman walks up to street performers for spontaneous and soulful duet

It’s not uncommon to see a busker performing on the street.
What’s not so common is to see a random person interrupting that performance to join in!

Especially when it’s done with so much style—and Abbe Rivers is a pro at it.
This video is probably the best spontaneous version of “Ooo Baby Baby” we’ve heard in a long time.

The classic 1965 hit “Ooo Baby Baby” was written by Steve Robinson and Pete Moore.
The song was covered numerous times, but this street version will stick to you. The phenomenal performance happened in Lower Manhattan in Washington Square Park where a couple of buskers were minding their own business and playing songs. The show goes to a whole new level when a woman joins in.
A woman walks up to street performers for spontaneous and soulful duet

The vocalist and the fellow musician who plays guitar are a bit surprised at first, but they go with the flow.
The funniest part is that the lady is carrying some things. She has a huge backpack and is obviously in the middle of something.

That didn’t stop her from showing off the amazing voice she has.
And she’s even casual about it! It’s certain that the only thing they were all after is some fun.

For those who don’t know, The Connections is a unique cover band that raises money for charities.

Two musicians are from a band called The Connections, and they belong to an interesting group of artists whose main goal is to raise money for charity purposes.

Next time you see them playing in Manhattan, be sure to tip their effort!
After all, they don’t even want to earn—they want to help. The singer has a great voice and as the video goes on, you’ll hear that it perfectly matches Abbe’s powerhouse vocals. It’s so nice to see people having fun.

For those who don’t know, Abbe’s been performing in and around New York City for years.

When you’re talented and you’re not shy about it, then you can’t help but join in sometimes.
That’s how Abbe explains her spontaneous part in this performance. She said that she’s been earning money for college by playing on the streets. The woman deserves every penny, as her voice is amazing! She doesn’t even need a mic to be heard—it’s just pure talent.

The chemistry between these artists is amazing, which is probably why it turned out so well in the end.
People are obviously enthralled by the phenomenal duo. Today, Abbe is described as the R&B diva, a street busker, a session singer and a performance artist. Her latest album, Ordinary Fool, came out in 2003 and is available on Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.

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