​​10-year-old catches foul ball then turns around and lets crying girl have it

When a boy caught the baseball of his dreams, he decided to give it away only seconds later.
Baseball has been America’s sport ever since its inception. Songs have been written about it and kids dream while they trade cards back and forth, hoping for a rare one.

For one baseball fan, his dream was to get a real baseball from a Phillies game.

Aaron Presley has gone viral recently when he caught a foul ball. There are certain spots around the stadium that are great for catching foul balls and Aaron happened to be in the right spot at the right time!
​​10-year-old catches foul ball then turns around and lets crying girl have it

Aaron is a HUGE sports fan and celebrated his win.

“I’m following the ball. It hit the ground. So I went to go grab it. It was just exciting,” said Pressley.

It’s not every day that a kid is able to outmuscle the adults around him who are hoping to get a ball! Thankfully, he was able to slip in when it hit the stands and grab it before anyone else could. It was a cool moment for Aaron, but it wasn’t the reason he was all over the news for the next few days.

Catching a ball is cool, but what happened next was a lot sweeter.

After catching the ball, Aaron turned and saw Emma Brady. Emma had also been trying to get the foul ball but with her size, she was struggling. Aaron was “too quick”, as Emma explained. She did her best to reach for the ball but she was just a second or two too late.

Emma even ended up diving for it, but hurt her leg in the process.
“I look over and I see the girl. She’s crying,” said Pressley.

As you could imagine, Emma started crying. The hurt leg and losing the prospects of getting a ball that day were all too much for her to handle! That is, until Aaron stepped in.

Aaron saw Emma crying and went over the check on her.

“I was just like it just didn’t feel right, having the ball of knowing that somebody’s crying. So, I had to just give it to her,” said Pressley.

Instead of keeping the prize for himself, Aaron decided to do the chivalrous thing – give the ball to the little girl! Even more, the entire thing was captured on the big screens and everyone in the stadium got to see the act of kindness.

It was absolutely adorable and the crowd cheered as Emma stopped crying.

“He came right over without hesitation. He saw her, for a moment, without even thinking he just turned and handed her the ball. It was the sweetest thing,” said Emma’s dad.

The best part? Aaron’s kindness paid off! He didn’t do it with the expectation of being repaid, but it ended up working in his favor. The Phillies found out where Aaron lived and sent him his very own baseball and gift card to use the next time he was at the stadium!

Check out the video below!
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