Husky Waits For Father To Leave So He Can Cuddle

The ending of the video put our hearts in a puddle
Millie is a husky from Manchester, United Kingdom. Her owner is Aaron, who is the father of an adorable toddler named Parker. Aaron caught Millie refusing to leave bed with Parker and uploaded the sweet video to YouTube to show others the stubborn sleepover.

On May 5th, Aaron uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, milperthusky, of one of the family's precious moments together. At the start of the video, Millie is already laying in bed, tucked under the covers. Parker looks excited to see his precious husky in his bed. On his YouTube channel, Aaron states that Millie and Parker often cuddle before bed and that Parker is a big fan of huskies. Clearly, Parker and Millie are very close.

Aaron and Parker play a quick game of peek-a-boo before bed. Parker giggles and hides under his blanket before popping back up. Millie lays there, looking relaxed the entire time.
Husky Waits For Father To Leave So He Can Cuddle

When Parker gets his bottle of milk, Millie licks her lips and sniffs the bottle. She wants some of Parker's milk. She puts her paw on Parker's shoulder, as though asking him for the milk.

Aaron then gives Millie a belly rub and she puts her paw over his arm as though she is trying to keep him from pulling away. Parker pets Millie as well, and when he pulls his arm away she reaches her paw out to him. She wants him to pet her even more!

Once again, Millie sniffs at Parker's milk bottle. Aaron tells Parker to tell Millie that it is his milk. No milk for poor Millie!

When Aaron decides it is time for Parker to go to bed, he tries to get Millie out of bed. However, she will not respond when he calls her name. Parker pushes her arm to try to convince her to get up, but she just ignores it and puts her arm back where it was. She does not want to get out of bed. Giving up, Aaron laughs and tells her to stay in bed. He throws the blanket on Millie and leaves the room.

Upon returning, Aaron finds that Parker has fallen asleep with Millie at his side. Millie gazes upon the little boy and even licks his face lovingly. After a while, Millie falls asleep as well. She even has her arm around the boy's body as they both sleep. It is a touching sight to see.

While dogs may not be human, they are still family. Parker and Millie have a strong bond that simply can't be denied.

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