Unimpassioned produce stocker melts hearts with beautiful voice

He's an old soul.
For many of us, chasing our dreams can be both a frightening and a fulfilling venture.

There is the fear of failure that is being juxtaposed with the uplifting joy of pursuing our passions.

However, not everyone expresses their emotions the same way.

For one young man, getting himself out of the produce department at his local grocery store and onto the stage is a dream of his.

His name is Aaron Westberry.
He’s is from Greenville, South Carolina and he has a voice that betrays his personality.
Unimpassioned produce stocker melts hearts with beautiful voice

At only 20-years-old, Aaron is currently working as a produce stocker at a grocery store while he figures out what he wants to do with his life.

At some point, Aaron decided that he was going to send a video of himself playing piano and singing to a girl that he knew.

She really liked it and it was the first time that Aaron considered himself a decent singer.

So, Aaron gave American Idol a shot.

This show is huge and has launched the careers of so many famous singers.

However judging by Aaron’s demeanor, you’d have never guessed that he considered it a big deal.

Cool as a cucumber.
He walked into the audition room wearing sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt and didn’t show any sort of emotion at all.

The judges got him talking a bit to see if they could get any sort of emotion out of him but Aaron stayed calm.

They asked what he was going to sing for them and he told them that he was going to sing Sam Hunt’s song “2016.”

Not only that, but he was going to play the piano while he sang the song.

The piano transformed him.

From the first note he sang, the judge’s faces turned up in surprise.

They couldn’t believe how much emotion was coming out of a kid who just seconds ago seemed nearly emotionless.

Like two different people

Aaron played through the song and when he finished, walked back to the center of the stage just as calm as before.

The first judge to comment was famous country singer, Luke Bryan.

He told Aaron, “You’ve got a heartbreak tone, man.”

And it was true.
However, when another judge, Lionel Richie, tried to get Aaron excited about the prospect of following his passion of becoming a singer, he still couldn’t get much enthusiasm out of the kid.

Either way, there was something special about Aaron’s performance and all three judges sent him along to Hollywood.

Can you guess what Aaron did when he found out this amazing news?

Not much.
He kept his hands in his pockets, said “Thank you very much,” and walked out of the room.

Aaron may be the least excited person to ever go to Hollywood on American Idol but at least he’s authentic and true to himself.

Check out the video below to watch Aaron’s amazing performance!
You won’t want to miss his hilariously somber reaction to some incredible news.

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