A frail elderly woman sits down at the piano, causing everyone's eyes to tremble as she begins to play

I couldn't take my eyes off her.
In a video posted on Youtube back in 2018, a woman named Eleonora Arkadyevna Breslav asks a street performer if she can play their piano. She then went on to play Hungarian Rhapsody No. 1. 2 Franz Liszt and capitulated passers-by.

If you were one of the participants in something that happened on a busy street in Russia, you would be a joyful observer. An elderly lady passing by with her friends amazed the passers-by by sitting down at the piano. She played a perfect impromptu piano recital and left the crowd speechless as they didn't expect it from her.

The reason for the amazement of the audience was the performance of a gray-haired woman at the master class. Even though the instrument was a worn and slightly out of tune piano, she still managed to get a professional sound out of it.
A frail elderly woman sits down at the piano, causing everyone's eyes to tremble as she begins to play

All this time, the lady was smiling, showing how much she likes to play this instrument.

The only thing that betrayed the true state of the piano was the squeak when the pedal was pressed. A little oil would fix this problem. The keys were also a little off. However, the unexpected pianist had the skill to create a masterpiece with what she had at hand.

Despite her age, the old woman has shown that she can handle something that requires ingenuity and swiftness. She skillfully played from start to finish.

No one knew who she was, but they were sure that she was and remains a world-class musician. It was hard to miss her performance as she sat with her small body on the piano chair.

Everyone was happy with the piano match and its passage. They heard the performance of this talented woman, who otherwise would have gone unnoticed on the streets.

When the performance ended, she slowly stood up and slowly left with her friends as the crowd cheered and applauded her.

Her impromptu because she became a hit and everyone was touched by her performance. Despite her advanced age and the imperfect state of the weathered piano, the performance shows that true beauty and art come from the heart and soul. Everything else is just a tool for this.

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