Britney Spears' Father Jamie Spears Files Paperwork To End 13-Year Conservatorship

This is what she's been waiting for.
Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has given up the fight to keep control of his daughter's assets. Mr. Spears filed paperwork on Tuesday to end the conservatorship in the Los Angeles Supreme Court, saying his daughter has the right to have the court "seriously consider" whether she can manage her own finances.

He has been in control of Britney's estate since 2008. Jodi Montgomery, a professional conservator, took over control of Britney's personal conservatorship in 2019.

The decision to end the conservatorship has come under mounting pressure from both the Free Britney movement and Britney's attorney. According to the documents, Jamie Spears said his daughter should not need to undergo psychological evaluation in order to terminate the conservatorship, although that is up to the judge to decide.
"The conservatorship has helped Ms. Spears get through a major life crisis, rehabilitate and advance her career, and put her finances and her affairs in order. But recently, things have changed," the court filing states. "Ms. Spears is now outspoken in her frustration with the level of control imposed by a conservatorship, and has pleaded with this Court to 'let her have her life back.'"

"Vindication" is the word Britney's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, used to describe her father's court filing. "Having exposed his misconduct and plan to hold his daughter hostage by trying to extract a multi-million dollar settlement, Mr. Spears has now effectively surrendered," he said in a statement. "There is no settlement."

He continued, "To the extent Mr. Spears believes he can try to avoid accountability and justice, including sitting for a sworn deposition and answering other discovery under oath, he is incorrect and our investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues will continue."