20 times women took down toxic men in truly majestic fashion

The majority of women have had more negative experiences than men while dating, according to new research.
Dating can be like walking through a minefield, especially for women. If anything, the pandemic has made dating even more difficult. A survey published by Pew showed that men and women reported equal levels of dissatisfaction but women had more negative experiences when compared to men. A majority of the women who were single and looking to date said they experience harassing behaviors from those they had been dating or had been on a date with, including being touched in a way that made them uncomfortable. Many reported rumors being spread about their sexual history.

Women are constantly having to deal with men who are misogynistic, condescending, rude, and acting like petulant children. More and more women are now calling out men's toxic behavior online and some of the takedowns are truly majestic and works of art. The subreddit r/FemaleDatingStrategy constantly gets submissions of these epic takedowns and here are 25 of the best ones we came across:
1. “Nudes?” He asked hopefully
20 times women took down toxic men in truly majestic fashion

2. Mike from Physics, get out of the way

3. Not all sharks...

4. "You should speak more nicely... "

5. Right where they belong

6. Before and after

7. Spell out your misogyny for me...

8. Game. Set and Match.

9. "It was just your uncle"

10. When I say 'Not All Men..'

11. Hook, line, and sinker

12. Being decent isn't difficult

13. Maybe the problem isn't the clothes

14. Animals > Men

15. "Not all men.. .. "

16. A little self-awareness goes a long way

17. The hypocrisy

18. It's failed fathers who need to be shamed for 'daddy issues'

19. All straight men...

20. When will men take responsibility... or blame