25 times women called out blatant sexism and exposed the hypocrisy

Correcting centuries of patriarchal conditioning starts with calling out sexism and stereotypes and on an everyday basis.
The patriarchy is pervasive and has invaded all spheres of our lives including our homes, politics, and work. It will take decades, if not centuries to undo all the conditioning and deliberate misogyny that greets us at every turn. Working towards an equal society starts with rebutting and calling out people who further misogyny, unknowingly, or knowingly. Cis men live entitled lives in a world that's built to cater to them and reduce sexual and gender minorities to objects, people with limited power, and decision-making capabilities. Working towards an equal society sometimes starts with shutting up a person trying to pass off a sexist remark. Reddit page TrollXChromosomes often tracks people shutting down sexist remarks and here are 25 of the best we came across on Reddit and Twitter.
1. Sexist narrative
25 times women called out blatant sexism and exposed the hypocrisy

2. 'A man is like a pearl...'

3. Don't be a misogynistic piece of sh*t

4. Nothing but the truth

5. Don't smile for a clown

6. If anything, that's an invitation to be hit on the head

7. Soooo close

8. 'We don't whistle'

9. 'Not all men'

10. You Vs. The Solitude She Told You Not to Worry About

11. Drawing the line at masks

12. 'Men is too headache'

13. Rigged against women

14. The irony

15. Stop abortion at the source

16. Forced birth is what it is.

17. Stereotyped even before birth

18. Can you imagine?

19. Taken to the cleaners

20. Women Have Less Bodily Autonomy Than The Dead

21. Men withheld rights

22. Do your job!

23. Normalize friendships

24. Toxic conditioning

25. There's no winning