Dog Dumped In Cardboard Box Rescued By Neighbors Who Refused To Look The Other Way

He gave his love, but they just didn’t care...
It’s becoming all too common in neighborhoods across the United States. Dogs being dumped by owners who no longer want them, leaving other people to pick up the pieces of a brokenhearted, sometimes broken, animal. Joey is one such dog. He was abandoned on the sidewalk with some blankets and water bowl in a Miami neighborhood.
Dog Dumped In Cardboard Box Rescued By Neighbors Who Refused To Look The Other Way
That’s how resident Julian Rovito first heard about him. “We found him in the neighborhood on a corner in a makeshift dog house made out of a box,” Julian told “We have a neighborhood blog that alerted us about the situation.” Soon, Joey had several kindhearted residents mobilized to help him.

At first, Joey was fearful of anyone approaching, so they took care of his immediate needs. They covered his cardboard box with a tarp to keep the rain off. They gave him extra blankets and gave him food and water. And they kept an eye on him.

After a few days, they finally managed to lure him into a crate with food and drove him to Alton Road Animal Hospital where he is currently being looked after.

He has a few health conditions from being neglected for so long, but thanks to donations coming in from animal lovers, and the vets currently looking after him, Joey’s future looks a lot brighter than it did a week ago.

Miami-based rescue group, Animal Recovery Mission, has also reached out to help. “Animal Recovery Mission is helping and guiding us along the way…They will be helping us place him in a foster home to continue his recovery,” Julian said.

Joey didn’t have to wait long to move from foster care to an adoptive home thanks to Animal Recovery Mission and he was adopted shortly after his rescue.

“Joey is winding down,” his new mom Cynthia Cruz Ortiz wrote on her Facebook page after bring him home. “At first he just wanted to hang out by his bowl. Then he hung out on the screen patio with us. He finally sat on his new pillow and is getting ready to chill for the day. He is handling all of this superbly. He’s so awesome.”

I have nothing but praise for Julian and all the neighbors who came together to help Joey in his desperate time of need! Please share his rescue story with your friends if you agree too!