Couple’s smooth as silk dancing scores them over 2M views

A shag dance is one of the coolest things that two people can do together. It requires coordination, style and a connection between to people. It’s hard work, and sweaty work but the results can be amazing.

You have to love a shag, and no…I’m not talking about the seabird…

You guessed right…I’m talking about the style of swing dancing known as “Shag”.
Couple’s smooth as silk dancing scores them over 2M views

But you knew that, didn’t you? Shag is a fast paced jazzy style of swing dancing that gets dancers moving as if they’re dancing on butter. It is thought to originate in the 1940’s in South Carolina, and its popularity has only been growing over the past eighty or so years, and is often practiced in swing dance clubs and dance competitions all over the United States.

One such competition is the Grand Nationals Pro Am Division.
Myers Varn Floyd and Caleb Brown bring the heat with their amazing shag routine set to a rock n’ roll tune. They’re an incredible duo, and together they bring down the house.

Myers Varn Floyd has experience not just with shag dancing, but she even cheerleads as well!

When she’s not strutting her stuff with Caleb Brown, you may just see her at a Carolina Panther’s game. But not in the bleachers…Myers can be seen on the field, cheering the Panthers on. Just as athletes benefit from cross-training, using different sports to increase their skill in their chosen sport, the same principle exists for dancing. Don’t believe me? You will when you see her dance!

They have amazing chemistry and move their lightning-fast feet with mind-melting skill.
And it’s not possible to deny that the shag style itself is just so cool, and just makes you want to get up and join them… If that wouldn’t be a really strange thing to do…

We’ve seen that Myers has some versatile talents, but what about Caleb?
Well, you just have to watch their dance routine to see that he has talent overflowing from his proverbial bucket.

One of the coolest things about the shag style of dancing is how versatile it is, with slides, swings, twirls and some fancy footwork that would make Happy Feet jealous. And for it to truly be spectacular, you need a spectacular dancer to nail them.

One move you can see often in shag dancing is this dip/twirl for the man to do.
It seems almost like a move you’d only attempt after a few too many daiquiris at your aunty’s wedding, but somehow when Caleb does it, it’s nothing but cool!

And it’s not just Caleb who gets to twirl.
Gone are the days of one partner twirling the other. We’re in the twenty first century now, and in the age of equality, it’s possible for a couple to twirl each other. The pair attempt this amazing double-twirl, wherein they both spin in opposite directions at the same time…while holding hands… now that’s a competition grade move.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this dazzling duo’s fancy feet!
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