Man Gives Widow Money After Seeing Her Pay For Gas With Pennies

So generous.
Random acts of kindness aren’t something that you see all the time. When you do get to witness them it’s a good reminder that while sometimes people disappoint you, there’s still so much good in the world. Because of the news and social media, we see a lot of bad, so today, we want to bring you something good. A reminder that you can still have hope.

In the video below, this young man, Carlos HaHa Davis, does something that will warm your heart. Carlos and his friends are comedians that put up funny videos on social media, but while he’s a jokester, he cares about making the world a better place.
He jokes around a lot, but he cares about people and wants to give back. In this clip, which was shared on his Twitter account, Carlos gives back to a widow. The video begins and he’s getting out of a car as someone records him with a couple of hundred dollar bills in his hand.

He goes to the woman and offers her the money, and right away her jaw drops in astonishment. She tries to get words out, but she’s so touched and trying to hold back tears that nothing comes out. After a moment, she shares through tear-filled eyes that her husband had recently died.

Carlos and his friend hug her, and Carlos says, “We got love for you.”

She takes the money and asks how they knew that she was in need. Carlos reveals that his friend saw her paying for her gas with pennies, and he knew that he had to do something to help. He says, “It’s only right. We gotta stick together.”

She asks them how she can thank them or repay them, but they make sure to remind her that they’re just doing a kind act. They tell her that she doesn’t have to repay them.

“Thank you so much,” she repeats as she dries her tears. It’s a video that you don’t want to miss. It lets you see that there’s still good that exists.

We’re bombarded with so many sad videos on social media, and we’re grateful that we bumped into this good one. Most people don’t record their good deeds because they get criticized, but people record all the bad moments, so why can’t we share more of these moments, right?

We hope that this video inspires you to perform a good deed today, too.

If you want to watch Carlo’s selfless act, watch the video down below!