Pup Clings To Owner After Surgery To Remove Lump From His Neck

So precious.
If you own or have previously owned a pet, you’ll know that a special bond is formed between the pair of you. You create this protective attitude whereby you will do anything to keep your pet from harm’s way, and want to give it all the love and affection that you can. And it’s safe to say that your pet feels the same way—especially dogs!

This reason is why the video below is magical. It’s the type of video that is so rife with raw emotions that you can almost feel what they are feeling!

It concerns an adorable dog whose owner had sadly found a lump in his neck. For that reason, he took his beloved pup to the vet who then admitted that he needed to have surgery to remove the lump.
Fortunately, the operation was a success! But it’s what happened straight afterward that has left people worldwide with goosebumps.

The video shows the adorable pup and its owner embracing one another so tightly and lovingly after the dog’s surgery. As the camera moves around the pair, you just see a huge smile on the owner’s face as he glides his hands up and down his favorite pet.

The cute doggo? Well, he’s got his paws gently positioned on his favorite human’s shoulders, showing a bond that is simply unbreakable! It’s something that will definitely cause you to smile today.

This moment is magical because it shows that our pets share the same emotions like us humans. They’re not any different from us and need the same attention the moment they come out of a surgery. Have you ever broken your arm/leg as a child and had to get a caste? Soon after, what’s the best remedy to your injury? A tight hug from mom and/or dad will do it, right? Well, that’s exactly how this pupper felt the moment his surgery was through.

Both owner and dog are relieved that the health scare is behind them, and they can continue on with life. It’s a beautiful bond they share!

Give the stunning video of these two best buds a peek below! And if you can relate to this feeling of love for a pet, then be sure to like and share it with your friends and family.